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Why Choose Us?

The UK Web Hosting market is full of companies all claiming to offer great service and value - so how do you know which to choose?

Why Choose 4UHosting?

Please consider the six reasons below and you will see why such a high number of our customers have stayed with us for so many years and recommended our services to their friends and families.

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An Established UK Business

The 4UHosting brand has been around since 2003, so you know that we are a fully established and long running business. We have thousands of happy customers, many of whom have been with us for at least five years or more.

Until our re-launch in 2019, we hadn't advertised our services anywhere for over ten years, so all of our new business during this period has been from recommendation. This is a true testament to our hard work and customer focused approach. Our company continues to grow at a steady pace as a result.

As we've been around for so long, we understand our customers extremely well, which means we are able to support them much more efficiently. We live and breathe Web Hosting and we are extremely good at it! If you want to see honest reviews of our service, our Customer Testimonials section on our home page contains genuine comments from real customers.

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Experienced I.T. Staff

When contacting us, you will always be communicating with a member of staff that understands your requirements and knows their stuff. 4UHosting is run by I.T professionals with many years of experience in this industry. Our average resolution time for customer enquiries is under 30 minutes.

We pride ourselves in the ability to explain technical terminology in a non technical way, bridging the technology gap and helping our customers over any learning curve or "teething trouble" they may encounter.

Unlike many other web hosts, we will always go a little further for our customers. If you are not sure how to do something, we will take the time to explain it to you and point you towards online resources that may be of help.

Our advice is always free and because of our experience in this industry, when you ask us a technical question, we are very likely to have been asked the same question many times before, so can resolve your issue more quickly.

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Solid Infrastructure

The combination of enterprise class hardware and up to the minute software used in our Web Hosting platform allows us to offer a rock solid base for your UK Web Hosting account.

We build our own servers, all of which use a minimum spec of 16 core processors and 64GB of RAM. Your web hosting account is hosted in a modern data centre that is only 15 minutes from our offices.

We monitor and maintain our platform 24 hours a day. With advanced monitoring and alerting software, staff are kept aware of load levels and service statuses on a minute by minute basis via computer based app's, mobile app's and messaging.

While it is never possible for us to fully guarantee the availability of our services, we have a proven track record of very high uptime across our whole range of UK Web Hosting services. Our overall uptime for the last 10 years is 99.98%

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Perfectly Balanced

Our clients websites are spread over a large number of servers which have been balanced to allow for load spikes and expansion. None of our servers are ever at capacity.

Other web hosts, especially small startup businesses start with only one server that they fill up to capacity, before adding a new one. We built our whole shared hosting platform first, spreading new accounts across a whole bank of servers. This method allows for a much greater level of stability for our customers.

We also spread our Web Hosting accounts over multiple racks and multiple network switches in the same way, making sure there is always extra capacity. This allows for greater flexibility and easier failover, should there be a fault.

We use the above sensible methods, ensuring a good balance of accounts over our hardware to provide a better quality of Web Hosting for our customers. you can read more about our technology Here.

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No Overselling

One method used by some web hosts to entice you to sign up is the "unlimited" mechanism. This is simply an oversell of their services. The host will offer you unlimited resources in the knowledge that you are unlikely ever to need them. The problem with this method is that it isn't physically possible to offer unlimited resources.

Hosts that offer unlimited products will invariably end up overloading their servers and causing a detriment in service to their customers.

When we offer you a plan with, for example, 5GB of web space, that space has been allocated specifically to you, from a drive array that has the capacity to serve you that amount of space. Our hosting plans offer very generous limits, but should you wish to increase your resources, we have accounted for this in our infrastructure.

We don't hide any service limitations in an "acceptable usage policy" because our plan limits are very clear.

We advise our customers to never be fooled by offers of unlimited resources. If something looks too good to be true, then it most probably is.

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Great Value

4UHosting offers a high quality UK Web Hosting product, built on a solid infrastructure and with the highest quality service and technical support, yet our prices are what you could describe as "low cost". You might even suggest that we are a "budget web host" So how do we do it?

Essentially, we operate on a smaller profit margin than many of the bigger companies. We give our customers everything they need, without any hidden extras or setup fees. With 4UHosting you are getting fixed priced web hosting with no nasty surprises. We also operate a small team of highly trained staff (rather than a call centre filled with dummies) so our costs stay down, our advice is always relevant and there is minimal fuss or frustration.

But please, don't just take our word for it. listen to our customers. We are recommended every day by someone - so why not read our Customer Testimonials or if you are ready to place an order for our great UK Web Hosting services, Click the button below...

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