What's Included?

Listed below are the features that come included as standard with all our UK Web Hosting plans. It is our aim to provide you with all the options you could possibly want, right from the start, with no additional costs or fees to pay.

UK Web Hosting Infrastructure

Below are the core features of our UK Web Hosting services
UK Web Hosting
UK Web Hosting
Our Data Centre, Servers, offices and support staff are all based in the UK.
Custom Built Hardware
We designed and built our platform for performance and reliability.
CloudLinux OS
Cloudlinux OS
A specialist operating system for Web Hosting servers. Click Here for more info.
cPanel Control Panel
cPanel Control Panel
Simple to use with a huge array of features, cPanel is the first choice for Hosting.
Super-Fast Network
Fast, reliable 10Gbit networking infrastructure.
Multi Domain Hosting
Multi Domain Hosting
You can host from two to twenty Websites, depending on the plan that you choose.

Security Features

Keeping your Websites Safe and Secure
Hardware Firewall
Our server racks are protected by hardware based firewalls to filter out bad traffic before it gets to the web servers.
Pricing. Clipboard with tick.
Brute Force Detection
Our security software checks for brute force password attacks and other malicious activity, blocking the sources of these attacks.
Security Shield
Virus & Malware Detection
Real-time virus and malware detecton with self healing capabilities that scans all new and changed files for malicious code.
WAF - target icon
Web Application Firewalls
We deploy two different "WAF's" on each server which target malicious attacks in requests to your website and block this activity.
Stop Sign
CMS Vulnerability Blocker
We use up to the minute data to prevent zero day attacks on CMS software such as Wordpress, giving you vital extra time to update your site.
SSL Included
SSL is included free of charge with all our hosting plans, providing secure browsing and the green padlock on all your sites.

Web Server Features

The software that powers your website
Apache server
Apache Webserver
The world's most popular and reliable web server software, Apache.
Litespeed server
Litespeed Webserver
A specialist performance webserver for high traffic websites.
CloudLinux OS
PHP Version 7
Select from PHP v5.3 up to v7.4 compiled with the most popular extensions.
cPanel Control Panel
Run your perl scripts from the dedicated CGI-BIN folder in your web space.
MySQL Databases
Databases for use with your web apps that can be managed from within cPanel.
Multi Domain Hosting
Node.JS Hosting
Run your node.JS websites from your hosting plan at no additional cost.

Softaculous! App Installer

Just like installing apps on your phone, you can also install apps into your web space.

Included with all our UK Web Hosting plans is the easy to use Softaculous Web Application installer. This handy tool allows you to install over 450 different App's such as Wordpress, Joomla. Opencart and many more!

It takes only a few clicks to install a free blog, CMS, E-commerce system, discussion forum or other type of application and have it running in only a few seconds!

Softaculous Screenshot

Database Features

MySQL Databases are used in your UK Web Hosting account to store data and settings for web applications.

MySQL Databases
MySQL Databases
This tool allows you to create and manage databases, MySQL users and assign permissions.
MySQL Wizard
MySQL Wizard
A fast and easy way to set up a database and user in one simple process.
Remote Access
Remote Access
Allow direct access to your databases from external locations that you specify.
Advanced tool for managing your database tables and data, running queries, import/export etc.

Email Features

Email is an important part of your UK Web Hosting account. We offer Unlimited Email accounts with all our plans along with all the useful features you see below.

Email Accounts
Email Accounts
Create and manage your email addresses. Set quotas, passwords and read webmail.
Email Forwarders
Forward an email address to any other. You can choose to retain the email, or just forward it on.
Automatically reply to emails. Great for leaving a message if you are out of the office or on holiday.
Mailing lists
Mailing Lists
Mailman interactive mailing lists can be used to communicate with customers or groups of people.
Message Filtering
Message Filtering
Advanced filters allow you to perform actions on emails based on subject, sender, recipient etc.
Email Address importer
Import Addresses
Easily Import multiple email accounts or forwarders via a CSV or Excel file from your computer.
Manage the SPF and DKIM settings for your domain to prevent unauthorised spam email.
Change MX
Change MX Records
If you wish to use an external email service you can manage your Mail Exchange records.
Password Protection
Send and receive email from anywhere with a choice of two webmail applications.

Mailscanner AntiSpam

Since 2019 we have been using Mailscanner on our latest server platform. This is a highly effective AntiSpam solution that blocks spam before it gets near your inbox.

Mailscanner comes with a fully featured interface that you can access directly from within cpanel, giving you control over your spam quarantine, whitelisting and blacklisting as well as other features.

This system doesn't just use conventional content filtering. Mailscanner uses a number of different tools together, such as Realtime Blacklist checking and intelligent mail server profiling which makes it more accurate. The system is updated constantly to keep your inbox safe from zero day spam attacks.

4UHosting Sitebuilders

Two fully featured Sitebuilders are included as standard
Rv Site Builder

RVSitebuilder 7

As part of your UK Web Hosting package, we include a very powerful and easy to use Site Builder application called RVSitebuilder. With this feature-rich tool you can choose from over 150 different site templates and edit your site content whenever you need.

The site builder is launched directly from within your cPanel interface, allowing you to edit an existing project, backup and restore projects, or start a new one.

It comes with pre-made content blocks that you can drag and drop into your site and with online forms, social media integration and other tools, you can build a fully featured, responsive website in no time.



The 4USitebuilder tool is a re-branded version of a builder called "Site Pro" which retails to the public at £4.50 a month. We offer this FREE with all our Premier UK Web Hosting plans.

This builder works slightly differently to the RVSiteBuilder in that content can be placed anywhere on the page, rather than in specific blocks. It is most suited for users with little or no web design experience - you simply drag the tools down from the toolbar onto the page where you want the content to be and then change the properties and text accordingly.

There are 200 templates to base your site on, or you can import an existing site directly into the software, simply by providing the existing URL.

If you'd like to try it out You can take a test drive of the 4USiteBuilder by Clicking Here.

Security Tools

As well as the security measures we have in place on our Web Hosting servers to add layers of protection such as Firewall, brute force detection and anti malware software, there are additional tools available to you in the control panel

Password Protection
Password Protection
The folders in your web space can be protected with multiple usernames and passwords.
IP Deny Manager
IP Blocker
A useful tool, should you need to deny access to your website from certain IP addresses.
Anti Virus
Anti Virus
You can perform a scan of your website files or your Email whenever you need to.
Hotlink Protection
Hotlink Protection
Prevents others from linking to your image files externally and stealing your bandwidth.
Leech Protection
Leech Protection
Prevents logins to your password protected folders from too many different locations.
An advanced feature to configure public / private key encryption for use mostly with Email.

Domain Features

If you have Web Hosting with us, you can manage your domains from within the cpanel interface.

Zone Editor
DNS Management
You can manage your domain's DNS records using the DNS Zone Editor.
MySQL Wizard
Addon Domains
This tool is used to add new registered domains to your hosting.
You can create as many sub domains as you need.
Domain Redirects
Used for redirecting a domain to a URL or another domain.

Other Features

More tools that are available with our UK Web Hosting plans
SSH Access
SSH Access
Shell access can be enabled on your account upon request, if required.
Cron Jobs
Cron Jobs
You can use the cron job manager to schedule the running of scripts in your account.
Optimise Website
Optimise Website
This tool uses mod_deflate to compress the content of your web pages and increase performance.
Custom Error Pages
Custom Error Pages
Bored with the default "404" error page? With this feature you can create your own error pages.

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