Uploading Your Site Files

This article is concerned with file management. It outlines the available methods for uploading and managing files in your web space.

When your hosting account is created, your web space contains a number of important folders. Some are for storing your emails, some contain your stats data. None of them should be deleted.

The most important folder is called public_html. This is known as the web root or document root. When someone navigates to your web space, it is the content of this folder that is displayed on the internet. Your website files and folders should be placed in this folder. Feel free to upload, manage and delete files to and from your public_html directory.

The available options for managing your files are as follows...

1. FTP
2. File manager in cPanel
3. Web Disk in cPanel
4. SSH (for advanced users)
4. Web publishing software

FTP is the most common method of manipulating files in your web space but it requires that you own some FTP software. There are now a number of free FTP clients available. We have a very useful guide entitled General FTP Guide in this knowledge base. It will tell you everything you need to know about using FTP with your UK Web Hosting.

cPanel File Manager
The file manager in cPanel is excellent for uploading individual files and changing permissions. It even has an HTML editor and a file compression utility. Its not good for uploading a large number of files though and we wouldn't recommend it for that purpose. Tutorials are available showing how to use the file manager in the Web Hosting section of this knowledge base.

cPanel Web Disk
The Web Disk utility in cPanel is a very useful piece of software. It allows you to drag and drop files and folders between your computer and your web space easily and without the need for expensive FTP software. We are now recommending this method over FTP in some cases. There is a full tutorial on how to setup the Web Disk in the Web Hosting section of this knowldge base.

SSH access is for customers who are familiar with using the command line. By default SSH is disabled on all accounts. We can enable this for you free of charge on request.

Web publishing Software
You may have purchased some web publishing software, in which case it will usually use FTP to upload your files. We recommend reading our FTP Guide, which explains the settings you will need to use.

Uploading to Addon Domains
If you have added a new domain in cpanel and accepted the default settings, you should upload your files to the folder inside public_html that corresponds to the domain name you added. The folder name is usually the actual domain name, unless you chose a differrent name when adding it. You can also place addon domains outside of public_html, which we would recommend doing, because it keeps your sites completely separate. To do this simply change the path when creating the addon, to the directory of your choice.

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