Registering Domains

When your domain is registered, we control it's technical operation and make any required changes on your behalf. You remain the registered owner (registrant) of the domain at all times. To register a new domain name simply click the "Register Domains" link from the "Domains" section of our main menu.

Choosing Your Domain Name

In theory, if you want to run a business from a website you would choose the domain extension of or .com (which stands for company) you could also use  .biz although this is less popular. Non profit organizations might want to go for .org or Personal sites can be pretty much anything but most commonly .net or .info are often used. These days the boundaries are blurry and we see all these domain types being used for all sorts of things.

The name you choose for your domain is very important.


Don't make it too long or complicated. People wont remember the address.

Don't put too many hyphens in, one is probably enough.

Don't use brand names. If you are running an Ebay shop, don't use the word "Ebay" in your domain name. (You will be infringing their trademark).


Do make your domain name relevant to its content.

Do use an email address when registering that you will have full access to in the future and make sure that you keep your domain's contact details up to date from the management options in your account area.

Do take some time to think about the extension. Should you register both the .com and the to prevent others from stealing your idea ?

Do get the spelling right. Once we have registered a domain for you and paid the registrar, it is not possible to obtain a refund on the order. Please check the spelling of your domain before you hit the checkout button!

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