Privacy Protection

Privacy protection, also known as ID Protect, or Whois protection is a service offered by domain registrars to hide the customer's personal information from the public. Domain registry rules state in most cases that the registration contact info for a domain name must be publicaly available via the WHOIS service. Privacy protection replaces the customer's information with that of the service and preserves your data, allowing it to be accessed only upon request to the registrar. This makes it much more difficult for a third party to obtain the contact details for a domain.

By default, privacy protection is disabled on all domains. We offer the service at a small cost for domains that support it and you can choose this option when purchasig domains from us.

Until June 2013, we were offering the service for free. Unfortunately  the domain registrar has started charging us for privacy protection, so we've had no choice but to pass that cost on to the customer.

If you want to enable Privacy Protection on an existing domain, you will see an option "Addons" on the domain management page for your domain, which is accessed via Domains > My Domains > Manage Domain. If your domain supports privacy protect, you will see the "Addons" tab and a privacy protect option available on that page.
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