Upgrading or Downgrading Your Hosting Plan

Upgrading / Downgrading

You can upgrade or downgrade your UK Web Hosting plan from within your account area. The only criteria for this is that your renewal invoice must not already have been generated. The upgrade / downgrade options are not available if an invoice exists for the plan. If you want to change your plan and an invoice has already been generated, please raise a support ticket and we will make the changes for you manually.

To change your UK Web Hosting plan, simply login to your customer account and click My Services then Manage  Services. Your hosting plans will be listed - click on the service you want to modify, then click  Upgrade / Downgrade.

On the Upgrade / Downgrade page you will see a list of plans that you can switch to. Choose the plan you want and the billing cycle and click Choose Product. The system will work out the difference between the two plans and it will take into account the time left in the current billing cycle. If there is more to pay, an invoice will be created, if a refund is due, this will be paid to your account in credits.

Please note: Refunds for downgrades can only be paid in account credits, we do not offer cash refunds for plans that have already been paid for.
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