Service Cancellation

Cancelling Hosting

If you no longer require your hosting account, you can positively cancel it from inside your customer account area.

Simply click on My Services > ManageĀ  Services and then click on the product you wish to cancel. This will display the details of your hosting plan or service. From this page you can click on Request Cancellation.

There are two options for cancelling, Immediate, or End of Billing Period. If you choose the immediate option, your hosting and invoice (if generated) will be cancelled at 8am the following morning. If you choose to cancel at the end of your billing period, your account and invoice will be cancelled at 8am on the expiry date of your plan.

Cancelling a Domain Registration

Strictly speaking, domain name registrations cannot be cancelled, they just run out at the end of their registration period if not renewed. If you would like to have a domain removed from your account, so that you no longer receive reminders about renewals, just ask us to do that for you.
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