Payment Methods

Currently we offer four types of payment.

Manual Payments

Credit / Debit Card
Bank Transfer

With these payment types, if you want to renew a domain or service, you can login to your account  and manually renew. You can use the My Domains > Renew Domains option for domains and the manual renewal option on the individual product page at My Services > Manage Services. Once your card details are stored in our system, your domains and services will automatically renew unless you disable the auto renew option or remove your card. When you choose to pay by Cheque or Bank Transfer, you are provided with our bank details or Cheque address details on screen near the end of this process.

Automatic payments

Credit / Debit Card

If you have a credit / debit card stored in your account and you the auto renewal option on your domain or service is enabled, an invoice will be generated 21 days prior to the domain or service being due and it will be automatically paid on the due date.

Renewing Domains and Services

By default, the auto renewal option for domains and services is enabled. If you wish to manually renew, you can login to your account and use the Domain Renewals option on the My Domains menu to manually renew your domains. However, you can set your domains to automatically renew in the same way as your hosting. To do this, simply manage the domain from within your account and enable the Auto Renew option. When this is enabled, your domains will be invoiced 21 days prior to their expiry date and if you have a card on file, they will automatically renew on the invoice due date. For hosting and other services, the auto renewal options are on the individual product page at My Services > Manage Services.

Domain renewals are not refundable, so if you pay a domain renewal automatically, we will not be able to refund your payment.
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