We are excited to announce our migration from SpamExperts to MagicSpam this week.

The first thing we need to do is apologise for the lack of warning that we were switching to this system.  Unfortunately we were let down badly by a software developer in the USA who we had employed to assist us with the changes  - and we originally started the process  in November, but they caused huge delays and problems with the code not working, even after we had paid them in good faith - so we had to find an alternative software company to assist us.

The original deadline was the end of the year, but due to the above unforeseen circumstances unfortunately this was rushed out at the last minute because our SpamExperts licence expired on the 24th of Feb. So again, please accept our apologies for this.

We have replaced SpamExperts because many customers could not get to grips with the rather complicated interface changes. Unfortunately SpamExperts changed many of the options to rather unfriendly search boxes, so for example, you couldn't simply list your whitelisted senders without searching for them individually (which we thought was ridiculous) and you couldn't search the logs without providing certain technical information that the average end user simply doesn't understand. We though that having to provide the "filtering server" information to be able to search for delivery problems was a big ask for the end user since most people probably have no idea what that is. On top of this, we found that many customers were not even aware that there was an anti Spam service in place  - and with the quarantine tucked away in a separate interface we believe this led to customers missing messages.

The second reason for the change is because the cost of the licensing for the number of domains we needed was beyond a reasonable amount. Unlike many other providers, we provide the anti spam service for free. This is not a paid addon - but many other hosting companies charge between £3 and £5 per month for the service. SpamExperts use a "per domain" licensing model with no gradual tiers - only blocks of 5000 domains, so if you have 11000 domains for example, you end up paying for 15000. MagicSpam uses a "per server" model, allowing for unlimited domains to be covered for one price per server.

Immediate feedback so far has been mixed. We've been contacted by some customers who just want all their possible spam to go into a quarantine or spam folder - and some that do not want that at all and would prefer to block it entirely. Luckily with MagicSpam you can do either of these or a combination of both. It is a very versatile and configurable system. We've set the default settings to those provided by MagicSpam but we can configure this to best suit our customers, which we will do once we have enough feedback from you. Please bear with us while we get the right balance for everyone.

We will be releasing documentation later this week  -  but in the meantime you can find the MagicSpam icon in the Email section of cpanel. We appreciate your patience while we iron out the bumps and we welcome your feedback, so please get in touch and let us know what you think of it.

Thursday, February 27, 2020