Please be aware that we have opted out of the EU VAT MOSS scheme and we operate our VAT charges under the HMRC 2019 VAT rules for the supply of digital services. We are a business located in the UK and the majority of our sales come from UK consumers and businesses. We have a very small number of customers in the EU.

Due to the fact that our sales to the EU are under the minimum threshold, we have opted out of the VAT MOSS scheme, which means that we are no longer obliged to charge EU consumers outside the UK in their home country's VAT rate. The place of supply of services is now deemed to be here in the UK, therefore we charge UK VAT on all transactions to consumers in the EU. This will benefit some customers who's home country VAT rate is above 20%.

Please be aware that these changes do not affect UK consumers and businesses, or customers outside the EU.

Important note: As of 14th October 2019, we no longer offer services to EU businesses outside the UK that are not registered in the UK for VAT. This means that in the EU, we only offer services to consumers and business here in the UK, as well as consumers within the EU (who are outside the UK) and EU Businesses (who are outside the UK) that have registered for VAT in the UK .

If you are a current customer who is an EU registered business (outside the UK) that is not registered in the UK for VAT, we can no longer offer you any new services or to renew any existing services.  To have services with us, you must indicate that you are acting as a consumer rather than a business and you will need to pay UK VAT on the services we supply to you. This means either signing up for a new account as a consumer, or changing your contact details to reflect that you are an individual rather than a business. If you do not wish to do this, we can no longer offer you any services.

If you require clarification of any of the above, please contact us via our support helpdesk.

Monday, October 14, 2019