We would like to make our customers aware that the deadline to claim the .uk version of your registered .co.uk, org.uk, me.uk or ltd.uk domain is up on the 25th June this year. You may have been contacted by Nominet already, explaining that your right to own the .UK ending domain of the same name will cease on that date.

We've had some correspondence from customers who are understandably concerned that they might lose their already registered domain. We think this is down to confusion between .co.uk and .uk. To be clear, if you already have any domains registered in your name or company - you will not lose them.

Details in simple terms...

In June 2014, Nominet (the UK domain registry) launched the .uk top level domain (tld). Prior to this most people with a UK domain owned a .co.uk, .org.uk or .me.uk domain name. Because of this, Nominet restricted the registration of .uk domains - reserving the .uk version  of a domain to the registrant who already owned the first registered version of the domain.

So for example, we have owned the domain 4uhosting.co.uk since 2003. When .uk was launched in 2014, we had the reserved right to own 4uhosting.uk also.  We wanted the .uk version so we registered 4uhosting.uk some time ago. If we had decided not to register the domain, it would still be reserved for us until the 25th of June 2019.

So , if you have a UK domain (co.uk me.uk org.uk ltd.uk) that you registered before 2014, you need to make a decision as to whether or not you also want the .uk version. Please also be aware that the entitlement to reserve the .uk version depends on a number of factors. For example, if you registered example.me.uk in 2012 and someone else registered example.co.uk in 2013 - it is you that would have rights to the .uk version. So bear in mind that it is possible you are not eligible to register the .uk version of your domain if someone else got there before you. If Nominet have written to you, then you are eligible, if not - then you may not be, but it is worth phoning them to make sure. Their number is 01865 332280

What if I don't want the .uk version of my domain?

You don't need to do anything. If Nominet have contacted you, they are simply advising you that your right to reserve the domain will cease on the 25th of June.

How do I claim the .uk version of my domain and how much does it cost?

If you are eligible and you do want the .uk version of your domain, you should login to your account with us and visit our Claim your UK page here...



The cost of a .uk domain is the same as our other Nominet tld's £4.99 +VAT (£5.99) per year.

Make sure that you register the domain using the exact registration details you have used for your original domain, otherwise the registration will fail.

When can I register a domain that was previously reserved for someone else?

We understand that there is to be a rather complicated "pre-release" process that would allow you to reserve a domain as it is "dropped" by the registry and this will take place between the 1st and 5th of July.  Please be aware that we are not taking part in that process, so if you are looking to pre-register a previously reserved .uk domain before the  "free for all", you will need to contact a registrar that is taking part in that - otherwise all remaining unregistered .uk domains will be available for registration as normal from the 6th of July.

As usual, if you have any questions about the above, please contact us via our helpdesk and we will be happy to assist you.

Note added 4pm 13th June.
We have noticed that some people are registering their .uk domains with details that don't match the details used on their previous registration. In these cases the registrations are being rejected by the registry, but we are working through the registrant info and updating at Nominet where needed. If your registration requires our intervention, you will notice the domain is still showing as "pending" rather than "active" in your account. It may take us a few days to work through these, so please bear with us. We will contact you if we need any clarification.

We are also receiving a high number of support tickets and phone calls as a result of Nominet Emailing all our customers today, so again, we appreciate your patience.

Update 24th June 5:30pm

Please be aware that the "Claim your UK" page has now been removed from our website and we will no longer be accepting any more "right of registration" requests.

Thursday, June 13, 2019