Some of you may be aware of the recent news relating to a "CPU bug" that has been revealed to exist in all mainstream Intel processors. This vulnerability is known to allow the disclosure of a wide range of information from the computer system using the affected CPU. At this time it is thought that pretty much every Intel based computer system in use will be affected by this problem.

The issue can't be fixed in the CPU itself, so patches are being produced for the underlying operating system to prevent exploit of the flaw and any potential information leakage.

It has been speculated that the patches applied to systems to fix this problem will potentially slow down computer systems significantly, but Intel have said that any performance issues will be dependent on workload. We make sure our servers are never overloaded, so we don't expect there to be any significant performance issues once the patches have been applied.

We have already started updating our systems, with our newer servers already having patches applied. The remainder of our servers will be patched in the morning as soon as the updates for them become available. Reboots will be required, so you might see a couple of minutes of disruption at most during the day tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience and please rest assured that we are on top of this issue and are acting swiftly to ensure none of our customers are affected.

Friday, January 5, 2018