We are very pleased to announce that you can now automatically renew your domains and hosting with us, should you wish to. We have switched our card payment method to a secure tokenized system that allows us to completely encrypt and safely store your card details at the card processor, while only storing the last four digits of your card on our server, so it is a completely secure, fully PCI compliant process.

It's your choice!

Unlike many other companies, who automatically renew your services whether you like it or not, we leave that choice up to you. By default, your domains and hosting will automatically renew and you can choose to disable the automatic renewal of your services on an individual domain or product basis as you wish.

Storing a Card.

In order to auto renew services you must have a debit or credit card on file with us. You can add a card by clicking Billing > Manage Credit / Debit Card and once you have a card stored, enabling the auto renew options on a domain or hosting plan will automatically renew that service on the invoice due date. You will still receive reminders and invoices are always raised 21 days prior to payment being taken. If you don't have auto renew enabled, an invoice will not be generated unless you choose to renew the service manually.

It should be noted that you can delete your card details at any time you wish and you are under no obligation to keep your card stored with us, or to auto renew your services. You can also choose to have a card on file and use it to renew manually when you choose to, having the benefit of not needing to enter your card details each time.

Auto renewing a domain.

To automatically renew your domain name, simply click My Domains > Manage Domains then click on the domain you wish to set the auto renew status for. You will see an item on the left menu Auto Renew. Clicking this will bring up the option to toggle the auto renew status on or off for your domain.

Auto renewing a service.

To renew a hosting plan, or other service automatically, click My Services > Manage Services -  then click on the hosting plan you wish to set the auto renew status for. At the top of the page you will see a section entitled Renewal Options and you can set the auto renew status on or off.

Renewing a domain manually.
You will receive reminders at 60 days, 30 days and 7 days before your domain is due to renew. To renew your domain, simply click My Domains > Renew Domains then tick the box next to the domain you want to renew, choose the number of years and then click the Order Now button to take you to the checkout.

Renewing a service manually.

You will receive reminders at 30 days and 7 days prior to the renewal date of your hosting plan or service. To renew, simply click on My Services > Manage Services then click the option in the Renewal Options box to Renew Service For the number of years or months you have chosen as your billing cycle. You can also change the billing cycle from this area.

Important points to note.

1. Your products and services will not automatically renew unless you have a card on file and the auto renew option is enabled on your domain or service.
2. Setting auto renew on a domain after the domain has expired will not renew the domain.
3. If you renew a hosting plan by accident, we can refund your payment within 14 days, just ask. Domain renewals are not refundable.
4. Invoices are not generated prior to renewal unless your domain or service is set to auto renew. If renewing manually, the invoice is generated at the time you renew.

If you have any questions at all about the above, just let us know. As always, we are more than happy to help.

Friday, April 29, 2016