With the launch of our new website, we wanted to clarify how our new system works in relation to the renewal of domains and services.

Currently we offer four types of payment.

Manual Payments

Credit / Debit Card
Bank Transfer

With these payment types, when you have an invoice to pay, or you want to renew a domain, you will login to your account  and manually pay the invoice for your hosting, or use the "Renew Domains" option for domains. Your card details are not stored in our system.

Automatic payments

Account credits

If you have credits in your account, any invoice will be automatically paid on the day it is generated. So if you have a hosting plan and you have added credits to your account, those credits will be applied to your invoice when it is generated, 21 days prior to the expiry of your hosting. It is important to note that if you have account credits and you do not want your hosting to renew automatically, you should cancel it before the invoice is generated. You can set a hosting plan to cancel at the end of it's term from the options in your account.

Renewing Domains

By default, the auto  invoice option for domains is disabled. The standard way to renew a domain is to login to your account and use the "Domain Renewals" option to manually renew your domains. However, you can set your domains to automatically invoice in the same way as your hosting. To do this, simply manage the domain from within your account and enable the "Auto Invoice" option. When this is enabled, your domains will be invoiced 21 days prior to their expiry date and if you have credits in your account, they will automatically renew on the invoice date. If you do not have account credits, your domain renewal invoice will simply be generated and you will have to pay it manually. We recommend enabling the auto invoce option for all your domains.

Domain renewals are not refundable, so if you pay a domain automatically via credits having enabled auto renew, or forgotten to disable it, we will not be able to refund your payment.

Important note: All domains had their auto renew statsus disabled after the import to our new system, so if you want to auto renew with credits, or automatically raise an invoice for your domains, you must re-enable this setting.

New payment types

We are currently considering a number of new options, including storing your card details for auto renewals, a Direct Debit option and various other offerings such as Paypal. We'd like to get some feedback from customers about what payment methods they prefer. We know that many people do not like the idea of their card details being stored, but we are considering introducing this option for those that want it. The Diret Debit option is currently under review. We were considering using an online Direct Debit service, integrated into our system, but unfortunately, due to peroblems with their API - this may no longer be possible. We are still working on that.

If you'd like to give us some feedback on this, please get in touch.

Thursday, July 11, 2013