As you can see, we've updated our website. We hope you like the new design. We've also updated the customer account area, which you should find much easier to navigate. While everything is much the same as before in terms of functionality, there are a couple of changes that you need to be aware of...

Customer Account Login

You no longer have a username to access your account. All customers must now login to our website with their email address instead. If you have forgotten the email address associated with your account, please contact us either via the contact form on our website, live help system, or by telephone and we will give you the information you need.

Your password has been reset and will no longer work. Since our site re-launch on the 8th of July 2013, you will no longer be able to use your previous password to access your customer account. Before you can login, you must submit a password reset request from the login page. This will issue you with a new password. Click My Account to get to that page.

Please note: These changes affect our website and your customer account area on our website. Your web hosting account and associated login details have not been subjected to any changes.

New Features

With the new system, we are introducing a number of new features. We hoped to release all of these at the same time as the re-launch, but as is often the case, the project got a little behind schedule  - we wanted to stick with the 8th of July Launch date. As a result, we will be releasing the remainder of the new features over the coming weeks. Here is a rundown of the new functionality....

Sub Accounts. If you want to give someone else access to your account so they can pay invoices, or as a secondary contact for support, you can create sub accounts with their own login details and fine tune their access - allowing or denying access to pay invoices, view your services, modify details etc. This functinality is in place.

DNS Management. Coming soon. You will be able to manage the DNS records for any of the domains in your account. If the domain is hosted, you will still use the DNS options in cPanel - but if you have any domain registrations with us that do not have an associated hosting plan, you can create and edit the DNS settings for those domains. This is a free service and will be implemented shortly. Update: this has been implemented.

SMS Messages. Coming soon. We are introducing text messaging to notify you of upcoming domain and hosting renewals. If you want to make use of this feature, you can enter your mobile number and select your notification preferences and we will send you reminders when appropriate. This will not be used to "spam" you with promotional material. We expect this feature to be launchd within 2 weeks. Update: this has been implemented

Direct Debit Payments. Coming soon. As the title says, we will be introducing a Direct Debit option that you can set up online. Once you apply, it takes about four days to arrange - then payments will be taken automatically for active services. It is important to mention that when usng this service, you should cancel anything you do not need before it is due for renewal. This feature will be introduced within the next two weeks.

Reply to helpdesk tickets via Email. Once you have created a support ticket via your account, any future replies can be submitted via email in reply to the ticket email we send you. This feature is active now.

More Visible Communcation. We now have a more visible News and Announcements section (you are reading it now) and we aim to provide much more regular updates about technical issues, progress with our various projects and geneal advice conerning our services. You can also follow us on Twitter.

Improved Knoweldgebase Area. Still under construction. Please bear with us while we re-do our documentation. Many of our knowledgebase articles were out of date so we are in the process of updating them. We hoped to have this completed by the re-launch, but sadly we ran out of time. We will be working on this in small sections every day until it is completed. (estimate 1 month for completion).

Perform cPanel functions from within your customer account. We will be introducing the ability for customers to perform some cPanel functions within their account area such as adding and removing email accounts, changing passwords, seeing website stats, managing databases and more. This should be implemented within a month or so.

Live Help Chat. We've implemented a Live help system on our website for basic enquiries. Please use this for quick questions only. Anything else should be raised in a support ticket.

We also have a few other improvements in the pipeline, so stay tuned for more info!

Customer Testimonials

We are currently looking to add content to our customer testimonials page on our website. If you've had good service from us and you'd like to get your website mentioned
, please contact us with a review. It should be at least a good sized paragraph. We will add it to our testimonials page, along with a link to your site.

Thank You!

This year the 4UHosting brand is ten years old! We would like to take this opportunity to very gratefully thank our customers for your custom, especially those  that have been with us right from the start. It is a true testiment to our dedication and customer  focussed approach, that we have so many clients who have been with us for such a long time. In an industry that tends to have a culture of migration from provider to provider, we are proud that many of you found us and chose to stay. We have big plans for the next year and it is our true aim to increase value for money and introduce more features, so please watch this space! And if you are happy wth the service,  don't forget to recommend us to others. If you are not happy with the service for any reason, please let us know! We really do appreciate your feedback.

We hope you enjoy using the new website. If you come across any irregularities, bugs or problems using the new system, plese let us know.

Sunday, July 7, 2013