Customers should be aware that as of this week, the official registrant Email address for gTLD's will now receive two new reminder messages from the domain registrar in addition to the normal reminders that we send out. This is due to ICANN's ERRP Policy (Expired Regstratin Recovery Policy). A gTLD is a generic top level domain, which is any domain governed by ICANN - these include .com .net .org .info and .biz a long with a large number of new domain types due to be launched soon.

The Emails are sent on our behalf to the official regsitrant contact for the domain. While we cannot disable these madatory notifications, we have been able to choose the content of the message, which has been included below.

We can only apologise for the duplcation of these notifications. We must still send out our normal reminders, as the customer in our billing system is not always the official registrant of the domain. If you are a web designer or I.T service company, you should be aware that your customers may receive the Email below, in addition to you receiving the normal reminders from us.

The reminders contain a text file attachment which lists the domains due to expire. This has recently prompted a concern about scam Emails being sent, claiming to be from us. We would like to clarify that the message is legitimate.

The content of the reminders can be seen below...


Dear <#=registrantname#>,

Please do not reply to this Email. This message is generated by the domain registrar on behalf of 4UH Ltd ( regarding the renewal of your domain name(s) listed in the attached text file. You are receiving this notification because your domain has been registered through us.

This Email is sent to the official registrant address for the domain and is sent 30 days before and 7 days before the expiry date. This is a mandatory notification sent in accordance with the ICANN rules and it will be sent in addition to the normal renewal reminders that we send out to our customers. The ERRP policy can be found here...

The domains listed in the attached text file are due for renewal. If you are a 4UHosting customer, to renew your domain, please go to and login to your customer account. Click  "Domains" >  "Renew Domains"  from your account menu.

If you are not a customer of 4UHosting, this usually means that you registered the domain via a third party such as a web designer or I.T company that are using us for their domain registration services and your Email address has been used as the official registration contact. In this case, you should contact the individual / company that is managing the domain for you and check that they are aware of the impending expiry.

If you have any questions or concerns about this message, please contact us via our website at

Please Note: There has been some concern from customers that this message could be a scam, because we send out our own reminder Emails for domain renewals via our website. The reason for this "duplication" is down to ICANN policy which forces the domain registrar (wholesaler) to send out these notifications on our behalf and we are unable to switch them off. We can however choose the content of this message ourselves, which is why you are receiving this extended explanation.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013