.com price to increase in September

We would like to make our customers aware that the wholesale price of .com domains will increase in September by around 40p per year. We will increase our prices accordingly to account for this. It's not a huge price change, but if you own a large number of .com domains due in September and beyond, it might be worth renewing them before the end ... Read More »

30th Jun 2021
.EU Domains. Demonstrate compliance before the end of December.

If you are a holder of an EU domain name. That's a domain ending in .eu - you will have been contacted by EURID - the .eu domain registry at some point at the start of October. So you should be aware of their policy to cancel all domains that are owned by UK registrants on the 1st of January 2021 as a result of the UK no longer being part of the ... Read More »

20th Nov 2020
Telephone Service

Please be aware that due to social distancing measures and staff working from home, we are currently unable to provide customer service via telephone. Please rest assured that staff are available and on hand to deal with your enquiries as normal via our website. Thank you for your understanding.

14th Oct 2020
Supporting our Communities

If you are setting up a website for supporting your local community during the Coronavirus pandemic, we will offer you FREE web hosting. Please get in touch for more information. We hope that all our customers are keeping safe and doing their part to minimize the impact of COVID-19. If there's anything we can do to assist you during these ... Read More »

26th Mar 2020
Introducing MagicSpam

We are excited to announce our migration from SpamExperts to MagicSpam this week. The first thing we need to do is apologise for the lack of warning that we were switching to this system.  Unfortunately we were let down badly by a software developer in the USA who we had employed to assist us with the changes  - and we originally started the ... Read More »

27th Feb 2020
UK Domain price increase in January.

 Nominet have announced the wholesale price of UK domains (.uk .co.uk .me.uk .org.uk .ltd.uk) will be increasing on the 13th of Jan. As a result of this we have been forced to increase our pricing. There was also a price increase in 2016 which we absorbed into our current pricing of £4.99 +VAT for these domains but sadly we are unable to do so ... Read More »

10th Dec 2019
Small changes to our pricing, starting from the 1st of December

Please be aware that we have made some adjustments to the pricing of our hosting plans. Until now, we have offered a base monthly price for all our hosting products, with discounts for longer term billing periods. For example, the Basic plan has been £2.99 +VAT per month, but £29.99 +VAT per year, giving a discount for the longer term. From ... Read More »

29th Oct 2019
Changes to the way we charge VAT to EU countries outside the UK.

Please be aware that we have opted out of the EU VAT MOSS scheme and we operate our VAT charges under the HMRC 2019 VAT rules for the supply of digital services. We are a business located in the UK and the majority of our sales come from UK consumers and businesses. We have a very small number of customers in the EU. Due to the fact that our ... Read More »

14th Oct 2019
Default PHP Version changes.

Please be aware that  over the coming weeks, along with our MySQL 5.7 updates we are changing the default version of PHP on all our servers to 7.2. Currently, the default PHP version is set to 5.6 which as many of you will know, is now end of life and unsupported by the developers. How will this affect my website? If you are running a PHP based ... Read More »

1st Oct 2019
MySQL 5.7 Updates

Please be aware that over the next few weeks we will be updating our servers from MySQL version 5.6  to  version 5.7 There are no configuration changes, but customers should be aware that version 5.7 uses something called "strict mode" which, among other things, doesn't allow null values in queries, such as empty date fields etc - and these ... Read More »

5th Aug 2019