Can Receive Email but Can't Send

If you are receiving Email fine, but you are unable to send messages, you might get an error that the recipient was rejected or the following might be returned...

Access denied - Invalid HELO name (See RFC2821

This means that you have not got your Email software or device configured correctly to authenticate for sending messages. The processes of receiving mail and sending mail are completely different and both these actions require that you authenticate with a username (your Email address) and your password.

Each mail application has a different way of implementing outbound SMTP authentication and in our knowldge base here we have included the settings you need for each of the most popular applications and devices. So if you look in the Email section of the knowledge base and scroll down the list of articles, you will see several starting with "SMTP Authenication". You can pick the one that relates to you and follow the steps to configure your outbound settings.

If that doesn't work

If you've set up your mail for outbound athentication and you are still hving a problem sending, it's possible that your internet provider is blocking the outbound mail port on their network. Some home broadband packages don't allow you to send outboud mail over port 25. Check your settings - if you have your Email configured to use port 25 it means you are not using a secure SSL connection. We recommend that you switch to using SSL - which will change the outbound port to 465 instead of 25 and should fix that problem. Please see Email Account Settings for All Email Clients and Devices for more information.

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