Transferring a domain away from 4UHosting

To transfer your domain to another company simply let us know by logging a support ticket with the helpdesk.

For UK domains such as, and you will need to obtain the Registrar Tag for the company you want to move the domain to. Then simply use the Release Domain option in the domain management area of your customer account, or you can tell us the tag name and we will change it for you. A UK domain transfer only takes a few minutes to process.

For all other domains, you need to unlock the domain from inside your account and obtain the EPP key. instructions for performing both those tasks are in this knowledge base category. Provide the EPP key to your new host when initiating the transfer from their site. These transfers often take up to 6 days to complete, so you might want to change your nameservers to those provided by your new host, before you start the transfer process.

Please note: most of these domains carry a 60 day transfer rule. You cannot transfer most domains if they have been registered, transferred in, or renewed within the last 60 days. If you need clarification for your specific domain, please let us know.

For ALL transfers away - make sure you notify us so that we can remove the domain from your account. Otherwise we cannot guarantee you wont receive renewal reminders or invoices from us for the renewal of the domain after it has been transferred.

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